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1 day remote support to assist with setup of management systems.

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Remote support to assist you with the setup and update of management systems for your organisation.

The price indicated is for 1 day (7 hours) of remote support time which can be allocated to responding to calls, emails or booked in for training sessions or meetings. 1 day of support time can be booked in and completed in a single day or used over a 6 week period.

Additional time / support days can be added as required or an overall project plan and timeframe for delivery agreed.

1 month site subscription is included with each support day purchased.

We can assist with:

  • Setting up Integrated Management Systems for ISO compliance 
  • Preparing company forms and policies
  • Setting up systems to log and manage key information like renewal dates
  • Setting up / moving management systems into cloud locations
  • Managing and completing internal audits  / Internal audit training
  • Gap analysis against ISO standards  
  • Help and guidance on using our documents 
  • Converting full-clause management systems into a more usable structure
  • Adding additional ISO standards to an integrated management system

Our remote support team are all experienced ISO consultants and auditors and we make full use of information and communication technology to communicate and share files to ensure this remote support service is as effective as onsite consultancy.

You will be allocated a named consultant (or team if required) and will have direct access to them via email, telephone or using our online support system.

If unsure about what support you require please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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