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This page provides a short overview of how to find, download and use the documents available on this web site as well some guidance on setting up effective management systems and achieving ISO certification. Further guidance is available in the knowledge base and if you need assistance please consider our remote support service.

The alphaZ documents package is a user-friendly, intuitive, jargon-free and simple to use yet fully ISO compliant documentation package designed to assist companies with the development of a documented management system that reflects their existing business practices, facilitates the improvement of business practices and also meet the requirements of ISO standards.


Finding documents

All files available can be browsed in the All Documents section where the documents can be viewed according to category using the menu on the left or filtered using a filename keyword or filtered by type.

Files have also been compiled and organised into Toolkits where they can be downloaded in a single .zip archive download. All the files compiled into the toolkits are also available to download as individual files and guidance on using each file can be found on the individual document pages. Files within the toolkit have been organised into the IMS folder structure which can simply be transferred over to your own file system ready for use.

Finding documents - if you know the name of the file can simply go to the All Documents section and enter the filename, or just part of the filename, into the 'Filter by Keyword' box and click enter or click away from the box to run the filter. All files with a filename matching what you have entered will be displayed.

help - filtering

To find relevant files based on the file name and / or description use the document search page.


Downloading documents

If you have purchased a download pass or have an active site subscription the documents can be downloaded by visiting the relevant document or toolkit page and clicking on the 'Download Files' tab.

If you have purchased individual documents please firstly login and then click on the 'Downloads' link within the 'My Account' page (must be logged in to view these links) to access your downloads.

When creating a new account documents can be downloaded instantly once checkout is completed if you select to pay using Credit / Debit card which is processed using the stripe payments platform.

Note: If you have logged in but are not able to access the download links it may be that your account pass / subscription has expired. Please contact us if any issues.


User accounts

To setup an account on this web site you need to complete the checkout process to activate your account. Once you have an active account you can then login and access documents as detailed above. If you have forgotten your account password please click here to reset the password.

Discount codes / Free accounts - if you have been supplied a discount code, including codes for the setup of a free account, it is still necessary to complete the checkout process in full including selecting a payment method (can select Free Checkout) and confirming the order for the account to be created. Free accounts or accounts where an offline payment method is selected will be pending until approved. Discount codes can be added on the cart page or during checkout.

Offline payment / Direct Debit - if you completed the checkout process and selected the option to pay by bank transfer or direct debit you should have received the payment details which are also available here: bank transfer setup. We use gocardless to process direct debit payments and there can be a delay of up to 5 working days before the account is activated with this payment method.


Using the documents

All the documents are supplied unlocked in fully editable format and can be fully customised and updated as required. Guidance documents are included in the download files section for key documents and are also included within toolkits. Excel files include a help and guidance worksheet which provides additional help and guidance on the functioning of each register.
Guidance on using MS Word files can be downloaded below.


Management Systems and ISO Certification

When setting up management systems the knowledge base and the below guidance documents provide further useful information and guidance.

Once management systems are fully operational it is important that audits are completed and documented and then may be ready for full certification audit.

When preparing for certification it is important that select the suitable certification option and provider and the below Audits and Certification Guidance document provides an overview of some of the main considerations and advice on how to successfully achieve ISO certification.


Free Downloadable Guidance Documents

Click on the file links below for an overview of the alphaZ documents package, guidance on using Word documents, guidance on the setup of management systems and advice on auditing and preparing for audits including ISO certification top-tips which includes advice to offer refreshments and be hospitable!!!



Frequently asked questions. And answers.

Yes, of course. All the files supplied are unlocked and fully editable. If you need help with this why not try our document preparation service - with this we'll supply you all the documents you need with your company name and logo already added!

Invoices for any purchases made on this site are available on the My Account page.  

If you follow and complete all the requirements detailed on one of the implementation checklists then you should be fully ISO compliant.

During the Certification audit you'll be assessed based on 3 criteria;

1. That meeting ISO requirements

2. That following own procedures

3. That meeting all regulatory and contractual requirements.

The toolkit will ensure that meeting criteria 1 and will provide lots of guidance on how to ensure meeting 2 & 3.

We offer a monthly subscription option to customers who have purchased a download pass, purchased remote support or to customers with isoassured certification. We can also offer a monthly subscription to new clients but a 12 month contract is required.

Yes you can! If you've purchased the document from us you can use it with your own private clients as part of your consultancy service as long as you don't specifically resell the documents. We also have an approved consultants register, why not get in touch to discuss this as we may be able to provide you with details of companies in your area looking for consultancy assistance. When it comes to getting documents prepared for your clients we can supply you with all the documents ready-prepared with your clients name and logo using our document preparation service.

Yes. With a download pass you can download every toolkit and every individual file on this site!

This question makes no sense and you are confused if you are asking it. Only certification bodies are accredited and in the UK it is UKAS who accredits certification bodies and this is not relevant to document templates. Using the alphaZ document template can enable your organisation to to pass a certification audit and achieve accredited ISO certification though.  

Not being complicated is good, it means it is easier to implement, easier to maintain, easier for everyone within your organisation to understand and follow and therefore you will be less likely to have any findings raised during audits. Passing audits without hassle is good ergo alphaZ is good for passing audits.

It is cheaper because it is simpler. It is simpler because it is a fully integrated system which is not based on the ISO standard clause structure. It is also much easier to implement, easier to use and fully ISO compliant! Why pay more for expensive documentation packages that make no sense and bury you with administration.

Yes of course. All the files are supplied unlocked and fully editable.

If you have purchased individual documents these can be downloaded by clicking on the 'Downloads' link within the 'My Account' page.