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ISO 22458 Toolkit 

This toolkit includes all the documents required to assist with the review and implementation of management systems covering the provision of an inclusive service for vulnerable consumers.

This toolkit can be used to achieve compliance to the ISO 22458:2022 standard which requires organisations to implement the required policies and mechanisms to address the needs of vulnerable consumers.
This toolkit has been designed specifically to address consumer vulnerability within an organisation and meet the requirements of ISO 22458.
All IMS files are editable and can be easily updated and customised with your company details.
This toolkit is downloaded in a single archive folder (.zip) and the files have  been organised into a simple folder structure for ease of use.

Who should use this toolkit?

This toolkit is suitable for any organisation;

  • Looking to formally review, document or improve or practice when dealing with vulnerable consumers
  • Wanting to develop and implement document policy and procedures for addressing consumer vulnerability
  • Needing to meet the requirements of ISO 22458:2022
  • Needing certification for ISO 22458
  • Wanting to improve awareness of consumer vulnerability internally

Developing an approach for dealing with vulnerable consumers may seem like a daunting prospect but this is where the ISO 22458 Inclusive service standard provides a framework which can be used as the basis for developing an approach that ensures;

  • A clear approach for dealing with vulnerable consumers is developed
  • Clear commitment to achieving positive outcomes for vulnerable consumers 
  • Fair treatment of consumers
  • Inclusive service design
  • Legal compliance across all services
  • Staff are trained to identify vulnerability and achieve positive outcomes 
  • Touchpoints, contact channels and web site are suitable and accessible
  • Effective processes for collecting feedback and dealing with complaints 

This toolkit includes;

  • Vulnerable consumer procedure(internal procedure)
  • Code of conduct and policy for vulnerable consumers(public statement)
  • Vulnerable consumer risk assessment and risk registers
  • Implementation checklist
  • Forms for reviewing inclusive design, collecting feedback, reporting, monitoring and completing accessibility reviews
  • Training and guidance resources
  • Audit checklists for ensuring ISO 22458 compliant

Files included with this Toolkit;

File Category in aZ Documents Files Included Description
Management System Documentation > IMS Registers

These Integrated Management System (IMS) Registers can be used to map data for risks in consumer vulnerability.

Form Templates

Various forms that can be used when considering compliance with ISO 22458:2022.

Policies The Consumer Vulnerability policy required by ISO 2245:2022 is included in this toolkit as a standalone file, all other necessary policies required by the standard are included together within the PP-1-17 Vulnerable Consumer Procedure.            

Various registers prepared using spreadsheet software - MS Excel - that can be used to manage data as part of an approach to consumer vulnerability.


Procedure which can be used to evidence controls in place addressing consumer vulnerability for compliance with ISO 22458:2022.

Code of conduct which provides publicly shareable overview of approach for dealing with vulnerable consumers

Training / Guidance > Toolbox Talks
  • Training Talks
Trainings Talks and Attendance form pre-populated with details of the IMS system and ISO compliance for documenting training completed with workers.
Training / Guidance > Training Presentations Training presentation in MS Powerpoint format that can be used when training workers.
Audit Checklists > IMS1 Checklists
  • 2x Audit Checklists

Various checklists for assistance with completion of management system audits (Internal Audits) prepared using the F-Q2 Audit Checklist Form.

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Document Preparation

Have your files set-up and ready to go

Document PreparationWith this option we will add your company name and logo to all the supplied files so the documents are customised and ready to use by your organisation.

All files prepared will be shared with you via a secure download link. This will also remove / replace the #alphaZ-documents# text and aZ logo from all the files.

Remote Consultancy

One-on-one support for compliance

Remote management system consultancyRemote consultancy support is also available to assist you with the setup and update of management systems for your organisation.

With a remote consultancy package you will be assigned a consultant who will be available to help you with the process of developing and updating your management systems and can also give general advice and practical assistance.

A review and gap analysis of your existing management systems and any other systems already in place within your organisation before preparing bespoke management systems to meet your requirements. Full document preparation is provided with remote consultancy so all the files necessary for your organisation will be prepared and provided including updating the documents with your company name.


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