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Effective and useful management systems and a no-nonsense approach

At isomanaged we can provide assistance with every aspect of achieving and / or maintaining effective ISO compliant management systems.

We offer a range of services that help you to take control of your own management systems and help with the setup of elegent, effective and fully integrated management systems.

Everything you need to achieve ISO certification - If you are looking to implement or update management systems to achieve ISO certification or are looking to improve existing management systems by switching to our easy to use, simple to manage and maintain and 100% ISO compliant templates then you have come to the right place!!!

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Comprehensive and user friendly documents and toolkits for implementing effective management systems and achieving ISO certification. Ready to use. Simple to setup. Always Integrated.

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Full support to help with implementation of management systems and compliance with ISO and other compliance frameworks. Document review and preparation, assistance with internal audits.

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Cloud based integrated management system solutions where YOU are in complete control. Online feedback collection, questionnaires, improvement and problem reporting systems.

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Document templates, ISO compliance toolkits and so much more....

The alphaZ documentation package is a simple yet comprehensive documentation package comprising forms, policies, registers, checklists, implementation guidance, ISO standards correlation documents and plain language guidance to help your organisation to achieve ISO compliance. This documentation package has been developed over a number of years by ISO consultants, ISO experts and auditors and has been used by a wide range of organisations who have successfully achieved ISO certification. What makes our documentation different from all the other document toolkits is ours actually makes sense! alphaZ makes use of our IMS1 manual which is not based on the ISO standards and can be used to achieve ISO compliance. This fully integrated approach means additional standards can be easily added and the management system can cover multiple standards without any duplication. As IMS1 is based around actual operations it can be read and followed by your workers and helps to clarify and explain how everything is managed.

To support the use of our documents we have developed the knowledge base which not only includes articles about how to use our document templates and setup effective management systems but also provides guidance on the ISO standards and other relevant topics like managing equipment and premises and staff training.

There are a lot of expensive software solutions for ISO compliance and if not implemented correctly or if unsuitable can become an administrative burden. Our alphaZ control solution allows cloud based systems to be setup using existing cloud systems or with a fully customisable Jira system which can be setup based on your organisations processes.

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